I and You find We

I stood, I stand, I tumble in the breeze

I thought, I think, I allow my sanity to melt like fondue

I waited, I wait, I wonder who I am trying to please

I lied, I lie, I imagine you never knew

I noticed, I notice, I am starting to feel most at peace under covers

I felt, I feel, I am like a naive child who never grew


You stood, You stand, You ask me to retrace my steps

You thought, You think, You ask me to forget tomorrow

You waited, You wait, You ask me to swim out from the depths

You lied, You lie, You asked if my love could be borrowed

You noticed, You notice, You ask me why I haven’t yet smiled at the sun today

You felt, You feel, You asked me if I would let You try to make it better

Stop Asking.

But it is really not a question anymore.

Please, stop asking.

But you already feel the answer in the depths of your core.

I know, but it hurts to even ask myself.


Because I know what the answer will be.


I tried, But I can try no longer.

We stood, We stand, I feel a soft breeze when you whisper in my ear

We thought, We think,, My mind roams and You bring it back home

We wait, We waited, I marvel at Your patience and You dissipate my fear

We lied, We lie, I thought tomorrow could never be as good as today. You said, “no.”

We noticed, We notice, We watch the clouds and stars go by

We felt, We feel, I acknowledge that everything will be OK

You say, “yes.”

I say, “I tried, and I will try again.”

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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