T Bubble

Its a do-my-homework-at-Tea-Garden kinda night.

caught in a bubble

There is a group of people sitting across from me on a black futon couch, talking and laughing like cares in the world are as free as the radicals which steal electrons from inside our bodies. As I browse around the internet for information on “Gene therapy and Melanoma” I can’t help but wonder what ratio of the 5 people I am looking at will end up getting some life threatening disease. I mean, there are so many out there, how does one ever avoid it? We can only do so much, but honestly, as health conscious as I am I often feel I am only scraping the bare minimum of precautions.

I don’t usually wear sun screen, I don’t drink as much milk as I should or take Calcium supplements, I don’t eat 3-4 servings of vegetables a day, I like sugar in excess at times, I like french fries sometimes, I can eat a whole container of olives at once which has thousands of mg of Na I am sure.

Does this mean I am quite receptible to things like Melanoma, Diabetes, Heart failure, and explosions of free radicals in my body?

Well, I don’t know. So what does one do?

I want to say, “Well we’re all going to die anyway! F it all!” But, is that a naive answer? If I was 20 years older with a family, and precious children whom I love, would I feel as though my life is not worth the consideration? Or would I fight for my life in order for others around me to continue benefitting from my presence? And what does it mean to fight for your life? I just have no idea what the struggle would be like, how it would feel, and at what point I would decide to give up?

Does eating well now and wearing sunscreen and taking my vitamins mean I am already fighting? Or does it mean I am preparing for battle? Is sickness inevitable or is it something we really can prevent? I mean, who dies of old age anymore? Is that just a fantasy? I think the definition of dying of old age would be something like: A  body, fails to find the strength to proceed, and all of its internal systems, in unison, give up.

I just don’t think that happens. So my everyday habits which affect my health must be curing some things and provoking other things. Maybe the provoked things won’t hurt as much to die from?

So many questions, so little tea.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

2 thoughts on “T Bubble

  1. There are so many health factors you could potentially consider with food. I ignore pretty much every rule, and simply try to eat a variety of foods (if I eat everything, then it all balances out, right?)

    However, I do notice a difference in my mood (I get more gloomy), if I eat a lot of “fake” food and neglect my vegetables, meats, and breads.

  2. i definitely agree with that. i try not to eat too much crap, and definitely not in excess. and when i do forego my daily veggies and fruit i definitely notice the difference.

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