Somewhere Near the Beginning



“By the lake,” you said.

“The trees are unknown,” I replied.

We both agreed we were far from home. Pushing stray leaves aside with our feet, they scatter and are determined to once again meet. Our hearts often perform a similar dance; we start out clinging to each other, find ourselves swept away into the business of the world below, and soon realize that separately we now grow. Patiently, I wait to be brought back to you, enjoying my moments of solitude through and through.

Hastily, you search for our connection again, anticipating the rekindling of us to begin.

“I only wish everything outside of this moment was a mistake,” you said.

“When I’m with anyone else I feel so alone,” I replied.

We both agreed to turn time into stone.

Our baby steps melting into the sand, we acknowledge with anticipation the embrace of each other’s hand. Fingers interlaced feel firmly placed, like stitches in lace with my skin I can trace. We feel tingles creeping up to our shoulder blades and our bodies warm with a vibrant parade marching out through our hands. With just one touch we have cued the whole band.

Carelessly, I jolt my heart into the beat.

Daringly, you allow feelings to have a seat.

“The stars are ours to take,” you said.

“It is only because our love has now flown,” I replied.

We both agreed that this means we have grown.

With innocence we lay side by side. Letting our admiration for each other be our guide. The stars felt warm on our faces, owl hoots, cricket lutes, wind flutes, could be heard in all places. For a moment I shut out the midnight haze. When I open my eyes I return to your gaze.

Painlessly, I stare into the windows of your soul.

Aimlessly, your gaze invites mine for a stroll.

We both agreed to let our hearts roam.



Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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