7 day forecast for Anna, Buck

Hell. I have selectively chosen this word to describe my next few weeks. It took a couple of seconds but then it sort of came to me in a fizzly-bubbly-just-opened-kombucha sort of way. I have also selectively chosen to write about what events are occurring that will allow for my  life to graze on the open fields of insanity. I anticipate many days approaching where I convince myself I am able to complete 5, 6, maybe even 7 major tasks in a day and realize that only 2 would have been feasible. Then reality will bite and I’ll be left with a couple of scars which will humbly remind me to never conceive such silly notions again. Typical Anna thought she was more efficient than she really is syndrome. It happens quite frequently really. A lucky few get to witness it on a daily basis. Which brings me to my final point, what daily will look like in the next few weeks.

(This list is 3/4 for my sanity because my brain responds positively when I make lists, and 1/4 for creative pleasure)

-Study for my biology final which takes place on Thursday. This will be done be rewriting all of the printed out notes I follow along in class with and then rereading them, over and over. Repetition always seems to get the message across to my brain that the material I am reading HAS TO REGISTER for a space in my head.

-Study for my chemistry final which takes place on Friday. I don’t really want to say much about this other than the amount of problems I will do will far exceed the amount of times I eat, pee, sleep, and laugh in the following days up until I reach the final. Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to get some help studying from a friend, and as a result be lucky enough to pass. No matter how much I study for chemistry, it always seems like a sort of shot in the dark to tell myself I passed or not after taking a test. What am I doing, I’ve been talking about this for too long already.

-Write 3 more 3 page papers for humanities by next Tuesday. Not so much worried since writing about the absurd man will come with a little more ease verses memorizing the Darwin Wallace evolutionary theory which involves finches of the Galapagos Islands. Most of the information I’m cramming into my brain from the later of the two will most likely escape me a week from now. Im not too concerned with these matters though.

-Finish up online homework for a health careers class. I’m glad I just wrote this because I completely almost forgot.

-Work Wednesday, Friday, Saturday this week and then Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday next week.

-Pack up all of my belongings. Books, clothes, cds, blankets, arts and crafts, paintings I did 5 years ago on pieces of wood, half burned candles, boxes full of memories that are meaningless to anyone but me, things that I really don’t know why I have them or what to do with them so I therefore keep them, etc etc…

-Move those belongings to a new house in St Paul. Via some sort of vehicle. Hopefully, I will not resort to metro transit, but I suppose I could be willing if it involved me carrying on some absurd objects like my floor lamp or a couple of dresser drawers with my clothes all nicely folded in them. (Yes, I am assuming they will be nicely folded by that point.)

-Go see the nutcracker with Rudy on Sunday. Ok, so maybe I’ve already seen it, a few times, but! I never fail to find myself all starry eyed during the second part when the toys from all over the world do their dances and more importantly, when the Pas De Deux takes place. Stuff like that makes me feel like a little girl again who is pretty convinced that there are only lovely and beautiful things in the world. Things which I can smash my senses into. Things that wake up an internal sensation which allows my body to feel like it is riding a wave of feeling rather than thought or word. I know its just the nutcracker, but its like peanut butter and jelly. Some days it just feels like the absolute perfect thing to be eating even though you’ve had it since you were in kindergarden.

-So other than all of that there are some minor things like try to dance a little, socialize a little, see a movie maybe, (black swan? eh eh?) freak out because I finished my fall semester finally, love life a little, and paint my new room.

And now its time for bed so I can recharge my mental, physical, and emotional battery which will aid in the completion of all of these future tasks.

Studying with an oversized man’s shirt is key in passing finals. Restrictive clothing is best kept for post semester activity. In fact, the more scrub you go, the more grace you will find you have for yourself.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

2 thoughts on “7 day forecast for Anna, Buck


    you sound overwhelmed yet determined! if anyone can get all that shit done, it’s you bucky! don’t know how i could help with any of that, but if you need anything, let me know. i could always help you move, or help you paint… or the whole socializing thing…. i’m really good at that. never seen black swan, but i’m always down for seeing a new movie! and HEY! congratulations on finishing your fall semester. i’m way proud of you buck.

    love you!

  2. YOU CAN DO IT!! It sounds pretty overwhelming, but you’re almost done! I remember last summer when I had to finish up a class and then pack up everything and move…it’s A LOT at once. I’m excited for you though to be done and get some break time! And new changes and Christmasy things to look forward to!
    ps- I like your writing style! Keep bloggin yo 🙂

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