47 Degrees

Flash flood

Coasting along the street’s dimples

Gulping down the waters

Like deep inhales of oxygen

Cleansing the pallet

Of sewers below.


Stale snow exposed

To the weather’s new mood

Cascading gently

Panel to panel

Free falling off the rooftop’s edge.

I float, I sink, and soak

In the waves of sunshine.


My coat has an appointment

With a closet hook.

Layers collapsing

Within deep mounds of snow

Exiting stage left

Stage right

Pas de bourree

Embraced by house front.

Birds prepare

Tuning their chirps

For opening day of the spring concert

I am glued to my seat

Allowing the performance

To melt my layers

Clenched fists, hunched shoulders, melancholy moods

Slipping off with the change of weather

A sweet disposition

Saturates my blood

And wells inside my eyes.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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