Let me tell you, I can get stressed out.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes I have those days where I’m just not feelin the best of the best. This is accompanied by staring off into space more than usual, snapping at people like a turtle, and internal screaming fights with myself. It is a problem. I think the worst thing I can do on those kinds of days is trap myself in my room, commit myself to solitude, and think about all of my problems. Maybe some people can do some positive productive thinking in those situations, but I’m not one of them. In my process of self discovery I am finding that I need to take various steps depending on the problem.

When I’m angry at someone else:
Whoa Nelly this is where I fall short of my intended goal. I am trying to work on this though. A typical response from me if I’m angry at a person would be to:
-Walk away from the situation
-Decide that this person will be cut out from my life
-Decide I never needed them anyway
-Maybe express my frustration to others (not cool)
-Conclude that for similar reasons, many other people need to be exiled from my life as well
-Feel reckless

However positive I think these reactions are at the time, they never really help. I build up walls around myself, I feel more angry when I see others are happy and unaffected by my mood, I become more intolerant of myself. At this point, I get pretty damn dramatic and conclude that life is absurd and that I must consider the implications of that. Enough about this though.

What I want to do when I’m angry at someone:
-Be patient. With all parties involved.
-Hope for the best in the other person
-Make sure I understand the whole situation or take time to understand it
-Not jump to conclusions
-Not feel like this is what I deserve
-Not be afraid to address it or tell someone how I feel; in a kind way
-Decide that its not worth getting so worked up over and allow myself to let go of whatever it was that was bothering me.
-Go help someone else in the world who has different problems so that I have someone else’s problems to consider rather than only my own.

When I’m frustrated at me:

-I beat myself up internally


-Attach negative labels to myself

-Disrespect myself

-Fail to appreciate myself

What I want to be better at when I’m mad at me:

Exercise, such as biking, to get me out of my head, and bike socks on my feet!

Laughing at myself and not taking myself too seriously

Sleeping on it, and then figuring out if it still bothers me in the morning

Allowing friends to cheer me up

Smiling, breathing, and loving who I am

Fact: Your body secretes cortisol when you’re in the middle of a flight or fight situation and feeling stressed out. This cortisol is making sure your brain is getting enough energy to survive, and is therefore taking it from other places in your body, such as your immune system.
Fact: Stressing out weakens your immune system. Therefore, its easier to get sick, and stay sick.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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