A moment in my mind

When I was young, I was confident I would never have a nickname. How many things can you get out of the name Anna? Anna Banana? Please, spare me. For some reason I was always jealous of my brothers because they could easily pick up being called, Buck, whereas I assumed it was impossible for me to inherit such a masculine nickname. However, here I am today, marveling at how my name has been used in many ways.
I started off as Anna, and then new friends started calling everyone by their first and last names. Quickly, everyone realized how easy it was to say Anna Buck. People slur it, annabuck! Some sing it, Anna Buck Anna Buck Anna Buck! Some people shortened it, Buck. I have been quite pleased by this because my childhood dream of being called, Buck, by friends finally came true. Sometimes people piggy back off of that even and call me something like, Bucksauce, or Bucknasty or Buckaroo.
After starting my job at Mississippi Market, people became accustomed to calling me Anna B. I think this is primarily the product of my name tag, which, was created with the extra B at the end so as not to confuse me with the other Anna wandering around the market.
After meeting my partner in cashiering crime, Aaron, he decided one day that he would call me B. That man is true to his word. To this day, he calls me B. I am saying all this because today my boss was walking by and casually said, “Hi B.” I immediately smiled and laughed to myself regarding the evolution of my name, and how it has spread.

And there you have it. I went from plain old Anna to Anna Buck to mysterious B. I just added the mysterious part in there for kicks. Sounds nice though, right?

This is my handsome father, who started the Buck revolution. Sort of. He's pretty good lookin for almost 70, wouldn't ya say!


*Edit: Sorry, this post is really for self humoring and procrastination purposes. Truly, I was sitting here and decided to post this because I didn’t want to solve my homework problem:

The reaction below is spontaneous at room temperature but becomes nonspontaneous at a much higher temperature. From this fact alone, obtain the signs of ΔH° and ΔS°, assuming that ΔH° and ΔS° do not change much with temperature.

N2(g) + 3 H2(g) → 2 NH3(g)


Can you blame me?

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"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

3 thoughts on “A moment in my mind

  1. Isn’t it funny how in high school our nicknames weren’t actually short at all? First & Last name, “Carrie Walker”?!?!?! How is that a nickname? Yet, it is. Cause no one every called me just Carrie.

    Either junior or senior year I got “c-walk” but it didn’t stick as much as “Carrie Walker”

    “B” that what my friends and I call each other. We do it to mock girls who actually call eachother bitch or the first letter of their first name, like in Gossip Girl.

    Name are funny. I like your post! I’m glad you wrote it 🙂

    Carrie Walker

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