The Facts

Life is gettin real.

Mon: School 9-3, Should have worked but didn’t because I had too much homework and a personal task to complete

Tues: Study 9-3, Work 4-8, Study 9-1

Wed: School 8-3, Bike to Minneapolis, Work 3:30-9:30, Bike home from Minneapolis in the rain

Thurs: Spend the day with Rudy, Work 4-9

Fri: Work 8-3:15, *Hopefully* hang out with friends

Sat: Work 11-7

The past week these two songs have been stuck in my head: I Am Not a Robot, Judas.

I have been craving meat and hot food this past week.

I had to solve for K many times.

I need to clean my room.

I’m exhausted and it’s only Thursday. Time for bed. Goodnight.


Post Biking Home in the Rain



Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

3 thoughts on “The Facts

    1. Michelle, im sorry you got pneumonia i got that a few weeks ago and it was horrible, we hope your feeling better!

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