I am Living in Alive

Morning dew gently laid in the grass and kissed my nose.
It whispers, “Wake up,” instigating warm blood to trickle from my ears to my toes.
My eyes
Peek open and The Dawn
Peaks back.
A steady stream of orange sorbet licks the chocolate night
Sprinkles of silhouetted trees top off the horizon.
The small crack of sunlight promises a new day.
And I could have felt okay with this pin needle amount of hope.
So often I have thrown away the knowledge that I am alive,
as if there were unlimited days to drink in.
Could this morning be the match?
My eyes open and strike flame
Colliding to light the candle of my existence.
I have kept my lids closed, too afraid of the dawn,
I have remained distant for far too long,
and soaked in despair like leaves of Oolong.
This morning.
This vibrant morning,
stirs me from sleep where dreams are dull.
From the place where complacency persists in full.
Not even my memories of yesterday or the feelings that haunt me are allowed to cross over into this day.
This day.
Boxes have been built in a 24-hour way.
Yesterday’s sorrows,
Captured in the light of today.
Dark and dismantled dreams,
billow up like smoke from my bright mind newly aflame.
Midnight turmoil,
swept away over rooftops and carried to the wind.
Dear nightmares,
I win.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

One thought on “I am Living in Alive

  1. anna oh my gosh. this poem brought me into the present, one of those pieces of writing that makes me go quiet inside.

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