Leaving, but not on a midnight train to Georgia..

Instead, I’ll be leaving on a 6am bus tomorrow morning heading towards Jerusalem. We’re heading out for this whole week and we’re going to be residing at some youth hostels and a Bedouin tent at night. According to my handy dandy itinerary we will be exploring…

-Latrun -Kastel -Ammunition Hill -Mt Herzel Cemetary -Mt Zion -City of David -Western Wall -Jewish quarters in Jerusalem -Garden of Gethsemane -Church of the holy Sepulcher -Arab Markets -Masada -Ein Gedi Springs -Dead Sea -The Negev -Hiding caves -Tel Aviv


Basically, this is about to be a crazy week. Thankfully, we’ll have 5 days off of class following these next four days for Rosh Hashana. (The Jewish New Year) I’m excited to have the break, but also wondering what I’ll end up doing to fill my time during the holiday.

This past week has gone by fast yet slow. We’ve had days filled with class lectures from 9-3 and a couple day trips where we leave at 7:30 am and arrive home around 7pm. We’ve also been going out at night after these mentally and sometimes physically (we climbed a section of mountain) demanding days. I’ve spent the evenings going to the beach, the mall, the market, a bar, and one evening a couple of girls and I decided just to ride a bus without knowing where it went (Turns out it got us to the train station).

Ok, and although the day trips are fun, our professor packs the whole experience with facts and stories regarding the history of it all. By the end of the day I feel like a little machine exploding from waaaay too much input and not enough output. I’m trying to stay alert, its just hard with lack of sleep and coffee (The closest coffee shop doesn’t open until 8am). And I can’t help but daydream sometimes! I get so zoned out and return to reality and realize I have no idea what we’re learning about.

At any rate.

I’m excited for these new experiences. I’m excited to continue my personal growth by figuring out what it means to be Anna Buck who lives in a foreign country. What is strongly me? What is strongly not me?

I’m gonna have a lot of time at the end of September and beginning of October between classes starting and ending. I had thought about traveling to a nearby country like Turkey or Greece, but I might just stay put. I think it would be a little bit of a discipline for me to not have anything going on or even people to see. I might read, reflect, spend days on the beach or at the market, and most importantly, seek to engage my spirit with God.

Time will pass, and the future will arrive.

Gettin goofy at the beach
Ok! Listen up. This is a carob pod and a carob seed. All the carob seeds are the same size! So back in the day, they used the size of the carob seed to measure precious items! Hence the word karat we have now for defining gold content and all that jazz
View from the Gilboa
There are so many freshly pressed pomegranate and orange juice stands around.
Mad stained glass at Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth
More Annunciation
View of the Galilee from on top of Mt Arbel. Forgot to take pictures while we were actually at the Gal.
In Tzfat
A Synagogue in Tzfat
Professor Tour Guide Extraordinaire
Of course you knew a food picture was coming..

Alright folks, that about sums it up for now. Shalom.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

3 thoughts on “Leaving, but not on a midnight train to Georgia..

  1. Great thoughts, description and pictures. Don’t worry, Anna, there’s so much to reflect on and so much to experience and so many people to relate to, you won’t ever be bored. LOVE you much, Dad.

  2. so proud of you Buck. I hope you got the “big glass” of pomegranate juice. You know that falafel picture evoked some envy!

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