An Evaporation

You kissed my neck held suspended by grass
Turned my head to thank you
A reflection posed in your drops of glass.

But heat rapidly dissolved your delicate frame
And I lost sight of myself:
Left behind with only a name.
I buried my mind in mounds of dark soil
Begging all thoughts to take root
Yet, brooding apathy stayed loyal
Convictions broke down like rotting fruit.
My spirit in the desert grew parched
In sleep, chapped lips whispered for you
But even in rest the mind, like a soldier, marched
Commanded all memories to kneel, then shot them with a skew.
Love transformed into lust
Prior rejections now praised with acceptance
And all that once was must
Is now held, with extended arms, at a distance.

How can she see herself without you?
Forgive her if she forgets the name
To catch a glimpse of the body in the reflective blue
Yet, reject recognition for the frame.
She is as an unfledged goldfinch
Lackluster and unknown
Trying to coax feeling with an icy pinch
But emotions are replaced with bone.

I release you of your hold
Thank the sun for guiding you home
Do not return in the midst of fog and cold.

I see her and she sees me.
We stand here
Sizing up one other
As enemies.


Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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