Today’s Lesson


I don’t have a job, but hey, I have a college degree.

In my desperate attempt to get a job, I applied to be a server at a restaurant.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be fooled,

a degree will not get you anywhere in the restaurant industry.

Even if you took courses in food management, it means absolutely zilch.

Only raw, hard-earned, experience gains you respect–which I don’ have.

(Or, have some, but not enough to be considered meaningful)

So, after watching the restaurant manger laugh at me,

and flatly being told that maybe I’d have a chance at busing tables,

I have come to the conclusion that,

“There is no failure, only feedback.”

And the feedback I just heard was,

“Anna Buck, you are meant to do something even more wonderful than working as a restaurant server.”

Have a nice day.

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

2 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson

  1. Aw, what a horrible thing to have to deal with. Sometimes its so hard to look at closed doors and see the good. It does seem employers want the best of both worlds–experience and college. If you lack one or the other, you can’t seem to get a good job and you start at ground zero. I know eventually you will find something, but how disappointing! Hang in there Anna. Love you 🙂

    1. Thanks for your words Michelle. 🙂 Seriously, the encouragement helps me stay positive through this let down part of my life.

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