Still Learning

If at first you do not trust,
try, try, again.
Believe in your heart
that he aches for sincerity,
despite his opaque collection of vows.

You are built with storage tanks
and given a choice,
to hoard or to squander?
Inquire or ponder?
Pull the next act out of a hat?
But please,
Stare for too long,
and see how nothing belongs.

Remember to absolutely hold on to yourself.
Everyday I pass another flag
Whipping against her pole.
Tattered piece of fabric
clinging to vain symbols.
Tried to climb up,
my fingers found nothing to grip onto.
Elated egos continue to rise.
Just remember:
the same hands used to elevate you,
govern your pull back down.


Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

One thought on “Still Learning

  1. Dear Anna, Greetings..I love reading and thinking.. Thanks for taking the time to write… Often I find poetry like photography.. to short or small to figure out the context. So one is left in the dark about what the other is actually talking about. I think even the Hebrew poets struggled with this and at time gave us the historical setting, the event to shed light upon the opaqueness of words chosen by patterns set in the cultural milieu of poetry.. I often think in this day and time Language is about hiding as much as it is about revealing.. Although I sense at its core Language should be about revealing.. making known.. Silence , space, time is about opaqueness… Words are to make known… anyway just saying…

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