The Body Knew

Lavender licks
picks a good night to kiss.
Lights a wick
and she burns bright.
She burns bright for him.

the votive wanes
and drips wax upon the window panes
when her mind pulls away-
Too many egregious explanations to relay.
The heart’s key is left without a holder
in the middle of October.
And only then does her body reveal
the knowledge one learns
through feelings.
she receives them with disdain
and questions their belonging.
Those demanding emotions
new born aches bundled up in longing,
delivered to the doorstep of her mind
and circulated throughout the body
in a psychosomatic bind.

She swore she would always feel that way,
But that was years before
Is it possible to count
how many years have passed in the last twenty-four hours?
Today’s resolution preparing for a lifetime of revisions
Cascades of errors and indecisions.
No. 2 pencil pink eraser brain proofreads fiercely
but countless corrections rub the paper off with the mistake.
And the tireless mental alterations are keeping her awake.

Her body knows.
The worrisome heart hastens its rhythm as
fresh perspiration pools along the seams of her blouse.
Intimidated lungs throw short exhales
and catch even smaller inhales.

How many times did she capture and release that same idea,
before finally stringing up her plan to carry it home?
Yet, uncertainty regained its territory
and the prized decision lay motionless on the table.
No mount or spine for the quarry,
now prey to apathy’s well-told story.

And the chances?
Yet never quite the same.


Sweet blueberry,
You are my last might
of strength.
Plump at length,
between my teeth
you squish.
With one juicy wish,
to explode.


Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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