Petals of a Flower

Young girl in pink-
Come straight to shore.
The current ripped,
beat, sweltered,
and tore
us apart.

A life long will of
Itch, ache, reaction, and contraction
before retreating back into my shell.
I am not so hollow anymore.

The entire earth is my word.
Hold me firm,
break my crust
but please, spare my trust.

The unimaginable heartbreak in letting go
of everything you meticulously stashed in tow.

You are kind.
I wish to rewind our memories together
and glue more moments into the roll.

Climb back into the fire tree
and dance amongst her leaves.

Laugh, play, and tease
as our tennis balls bounce
in and out of court.
Brother’s head shakes dismay at you
His bright eyes grow expectantly
as his tone picks up, unbridled.
I smile.

Your patience slips for a moment
as the racket head slams into the concrete.
Even though I am now close to thirty
I could never win.

Your hit of faith
is undefeated.
don’t let me lose

Published by Anna Buck

"everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."

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