Golden Fish

“Goldfish are actually some of the longest-lived fishes you can purchase. They are capable for living several decades under the right conditions, and the supposed record is 49 years of age.” -Arthur Masloski

Moving On

What do I know about moving on? Very little and quite a lot. I am still very much a woman who romanticizes┬áthe sweet smiles and tender kisses of past lovers. At 25 years old, I am barely capable of donating clothes bought for myself 10 years ago to the thrift store (I mean, c’mon, theyContinue reading “Moving On”

Smart World

You know, I receive a lot of questions and attention from friends, family members, and complete strangers regarding my decision to not own a smart phone. I might as well give the whole world an explanation after all of these years of using unrecognizable cellular ring tones. Let me start from the beginning. There wasContinue reading “Smart World”

The Body Knew

Lavender licks picks a good night to kiss. Lights a wick and she burns bright. She burns bright for him. Still, the votive wanes and drips wax upon the window panes when her mind pulls away- Too many egregious explanations to relay. The heart’s key is left without a holder in the middle of October.Continue reading “The Body Knew”

Self Play

Last year, between the months of October and December, I occasionally recorded small clips of myself and other objects that fascinated me. I was at home, a home that I no longer live in or call home, and I was alone. The song “Myth” by Beach House happened to be playing on repeat throughout thatContinue reading “Self Play”

Settling In

Last week, specifically, last Tuesday, our international school classes began. Now, I normally would follow that sentence with another sentence expressing my distaste for the beginning of long lectures and the rekindling of homework assignments; however, I have a fresh perspective on the matter. First of all, the weather here in Haifa is completely perfect.Continue reading “Settling In”

You Want it You Got it

When I hear someone claim that humans are “just animals” I immediately feel insulted. Why? Well, granted we both share the classification of eukaryote and mammal, I refuse to believe that I have just about as much self control as an orangutan. And no, I’m not referencing the theory of evolution. I’m simply bothered byContinue reading “You Want it You Got it”

Whence she felt mistaken

She liked the feeling of pulling a shirt over her head, admiring the reflection of new fabric against her skin, only to peel it off a moment later and start again. Somehow it provided enough change for her, even if her environment remained the same. Moving away far off seemed too drastic, too unfamiliar forContinue reading “Whence she felt mistaken”