Petals of a Flower

Young girl in pink- Come straight to shore. The current ripped,beat, sweltered, and tore us apart. A life long will of Itch, ache, reaction, and contraction before retreating back into my shell. I am not so hollow anymore. The entire earth is my word. Hold me firm,break my crust but please, spare my trust. TheContinue reading “Petals of a Flower”

Moving On

What do I know about moving on? Very little and quite a lot. I am still very much a woman who romanticizes┬áthe sweet smiles and tender kisses of past lovers. At 25 years old, I am barely capable of donating clothes bought for myself 10 years ago to the thrift store (I mean, c’mon, theyContinue reading “Moving On”

Thought break from physiology homework.

I’m having one of those scary neuron firing moments where I can’t stop tossing ideas around in my head about what is to become of me. While eating a grapefruit in the kitchen and stretching my right leg on top of the counter I started to think about the decisions I’ve made lately, and whatContinue reading “Thought break from physiology homework.”