Australia: The Absolute Beginning (Pt. I)

Israel / Palestine I never knew I wanted to live abroad until I did. I was 11 years old when I boarded my first flight overseas despite never having set foot in an airplane before. The concept of land borders was still a foreign (haha) concept for my brain to grapple with at that ageContinue reading “Australia: The Absolute Beginning (Pt. I)”

Leaving, but not on a midnight train to Georgia..

Instead, I’ll be leaving on a 6am bus tomorrow morning heading towards Jerusalem. We’re heading out for this whole week and we’re going to be residing at some youth hostels and a Bedouin tent at night. According to my handy dandy itinerary we will be exploring… -Latrun -Kastel -Ammunition Hill -Mt Herzel Cemetary -Mt ZionContinue reading “Leaving, but not on a midnight train to Georgia..”