Moving On

What do I know about moving on? Very little and quite a lot. I am still very much a woman who romanticizes┬áthe sweet smiles and tender kisses of past lovers. At 25 years old, I am barely capable of donating clothes bought for myself 10 years ago to the thrift store (I mean, c’mon, theyContinue reading “Moving On”

Smart World

You know, I receive a lot of questions and attention from friends, family members, and complete strangers regarding my decision to not own a smart phone. I might as well give the whole world an explanation after all of these years of using unrecognizable cellular ring tones. Let me start from the beginning. There wasContinue reading “Smart World”

Still Learning

If at first you do not trust, try, try, again. Believe in your heart that he aches for sincerity, despite his opaque collection of vows. You are built with storage tanks and given a choice, to hoard or to squander? Inquire or ponder? Pull the next act out of a hat? But please, decide. StareContinue reading “Still Learning”

Sweet Dreams in Nola

I bought a bed. After spending the month of April sleeping on hostel bunk beds and on a glorified air mattress in the guest room of a semi-retired, semi-crazy woman’s home, I officially moved to a duplex straddling the border line between Treme and MidCity. Although I am relieved to be splitting a home withContinue reading “Sweet Dreams in Nola”

Self Play

Last year, between the months of October and December, I occasionally recorded small clips of myself and other objects that fascinated me. I was at home, a home that I no longer live in or call home, and I was alone. The song “Myth” by Beach House happened to be playing on repeat throughout thatContinue reading “Self Play”

Today’s Lesson

I don’t have a job, but hey, I have a college degree. In my desperate attempt to get a job, I applied to be a server at a restaurant. Ladies and gentlemen, do not be fooled, a degree will not get you anywhere in the restaurant industry. Even if you took courses in food management,Continue reading “Today’s Lesson”

You Want it You Got it

When I hear someone claim that humans are “just animals” I immediately feel insulted. Why? Well, granted we both share the classification of eukaryote and mammal, I refuse to believe that I have just about as much self control as an orangutan. And no, I’m not referencing the theory of evolution. I’m simply bothered byContinue reading “You Want it You Got it”

Let me tell you, I can get stressed out.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes I have those days where I’m just not feelin the best of the best. This is accompanied by staring off into space more than usual, snapping at people like a turtle, and internal screaming fights with myself. It is a problem. I think the worst thing I can do on thoseContinue reading “Let me tell you, I can get stressed out.”