Lady Spirit

Dear Spirit Guide, I am Skin, flesh, fat, bones, filth Fragments of body, reduced to simmer Took stock of my soul but the shelves were bare. Meanwhile, the credit card is bloated stuffed with the weight of new clothes New shoes New booze New ways to pinch money and watch it bruise My feet areContinue reading “Lady Spirit”


Darling, every now and then, you are allowed to tuck.

Wild Divine Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to anyone who needs to hear it. As a woman who buys button down shirts from the men’s section in thrift stores, who barely understands make-up and who has therefore only ever experienced a crumbling sense of self after applying an unconvincing layer of foundation over my freckles, I tend toContinue reading “Wild Divine Woman”

At the Edge of the World

Pouring cappuccinos, investing in fitness routines, quiet moments observing the ocean from my apartment windows, flowers. The fragile moments of security ballooning around the free flowing movements of uncertainty. The latex knot is tied but the pressure is almost unbearable to contain. I am in the market for faith. I searched for her at farmers’Continue reading “At the Edge of the World”


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